Frequently Asked Questions

Janica-Natural Face Wash

Where can I view your product’s ingredients ?

You can view the ingredients for each of our products towards the bottom of their individual pages.

We believe that you have a fundamental right to know exactly what is contained in the products you are buying and therefore give full ingredient disclosure on all of our products.

Are your products natural and organic?

Yes. We ensure that all the products we sell are made from the finest natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients are cultivated in our herbal garden and some of the rare ones are sourced from the local forest communities.

Are your bath, body and hair care products suitable for the whole family?

The gentle soothing and naturally rich formulations make them suitable for all the family, especially for those with sensitive and dry skin. Still we advise you to conduct a patch test as an added safety measure.

Where and how can I order your products?

Orders can be placed directly via our website and also by WhatsApp.

We also regularly participate in various fairs where our products can be tried and purchased. Details of the fairs will be featured in website.

How quickly can I receive my orders?

Every purchase will be dispatched promptly and reliably within 24 hours.

Methods of delivery are selected on the checkout page when purchasing a product. Most of the domestic delivery happens in 2-7 working days and international delivery takes 7-15 days. We have noticed slight delay in deliveries due to the pandemic situations.

Are JANICA Products or ingredients tested on animals?

No. We do not source nor recommend any products that fail to meet our high ethical standards.

None of the formulations or the organic and natural beauty products we offer are tested on animals.

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